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TRIBES MAGAZINE In the streets and online for nearly a decade, TRIBES is one of today’s leading publications covering urban music, arts and entertainment nationally and abroad. Created in 2004, TRIBES has traveled the indy scene spotlighting artists generating the next trends in music, visual arts and the printed word. “Best Online Zine (BlackWebAwards, 2009) and “Poetry Magazine of the Year” (National Poetry Awards, 2010), every issue is throbbing with the beat of music, politics, visual art, and photography, bursting with writing, articles, poetry, and personal narratives authored by a winning team of entertainment journalists, artists, and social critics. In the archives are greats like Damian and Kymani Marley, India.Arie, Tyler Perry, KRS One, Dead Prez, Ludacris, and so many more who have been featured. Still, the heart of TRIBES is always with the self-sustaining arts and ever-committed to showcasing the countless lessor known (but no less prolific) artists across the globe as they pioneer expression and make essential noise in their communities!

Collection: The Harlem in Havana Collection

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Collection: TRIBES Magazine

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